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Frida Kahlo Project

Holly Class

Holly Class took inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s painting and used green paint to create their backgrounds. They drew self-portraits and used real flowers to collage around their heads. They used a mixture of different flowers and colours to create different patterns.

Chestnut Class

Reception used different colour paint to create their backgrounds. They mixed colours together and practised their long brush strokes to create a nice background. Next, they used paint to create their self-portraits. Finally, they used tissue paper to make flowers to collage over the top.

Sycamore Class

Sycamore Class have been focusing on painting and using a paintbrush with accuracy. First, they looked at a range of leaves and copied the different styles and shapes using a pencil to create their backgrounds. The children used mirrors to look at their faces to sketch their self-portraits before applying their new paintings skills to complete them. Finally, they used thin black markers to outline and add in the little bits of detail on the leaves and onto their faces to make them stand out.

Rowan Class

Rowan Class looked at one of Frida Kahlo’s most famous portraits. They created the background of different leaves using paint, oil pastels and colouring pencils. They used technology to help create their self-portraits by taking a photo on the Ipad and then they sketched out the picture. Next, they used colouring pencils to lightly add colour and detail.

Linden Class

Linden Class used a range of magazines, photos and drawings to create their collage self-portraits. They used one of Frida Kahlo’s portraits as inspiration and then created a background of leaves by layering and collaging the different shades of green. Next, they took a photograph and arranged different types of flowers over the top to create the iconic Frida Kahlo style portrait.


Cedar Class

Cedar Class used newspaper to create a black and white background for their self-portraits. Next, they used primary colours to mix and create their own flower designs on top of the newspaper to create a twist on the classic Frida Kahlo portrait. They created sketches and used thin black markers to add detail to their final pieces.

Willow Class

Willow Class used different steps to create their own self-portrait. First, they used water colour paints to create an ombre background. Next, they drew and designed their own butterflies and flower motifs which they later cut out and added on top of their watercolour self-portraits.

Oak Class

Oak Class demonstrated their skills by using mixed media to create their pieces of art. They used oil pastels in different shades of greens and yellows to create realistic leaves. The different colours created layers to their background. Then they sketched their self-portraits and used close observations to add in all of the detail that you can see.