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Y2 Story time with Sandra

On Monday afternoon, Sandra, from the British library, came to talk to us about BOOKS!

She told us that the British library has 14 million books!

Sandra came with 6 different genres of books:

Adventure (very cool!), true stories (bit scary!), magical, comic and funny.

We had to vote for the one we wanted her to read. Everyone picked the magical book, which was called “Our Tower. The pictures were amazing but,  after 5 minutes, she asked us if we wanted to swap books…we did.

We read a funny book about Claude a dog who wears a French beret and his friend …Sir Boblysock!

Sandra also gave some books and bookmarkers for our class (very generous!).

I really enjoyed Sandra’s visit with her coloured cards and orange trolley.  All of the books looked exciting and reading is definitely becoming one of my favourite things to do!

Written by Nwanneka.