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Collective Worship

As a Church Of England School, we are guided by Christian principles and by the conviction that we are all children of God. Through the teaching of Religious Education, we hope to give children a sound basis of Christian knowledge. In years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, some children prepare for First Communion through a series of lessons with the Rev. Sally Jones (known to the children as Mother Sally).

We also teach children about a range of world religions, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism, and all classes visit a place of worship at least once a year. We teach children about the effect religion can have upon people’s lives, and our aim is that children learn to respect people of all faiths.

The children attend an act of worship four days a week, with a special awards assembly, taking place every Friday afternoon (which always includes a prayer of thanksgiving). Rev. Sally Jones leads one Collective Worship per week and once a term we have a whole-school Communion Service. We are also lucky enough to have Brigid and Christian from CrossTeach, a Christian teaching organisation, visit us once a week.

The children and adults pray together in class twice a day – before lunch and before the end of the day. During the end of day prayer, children are encouraged to construct their own prayers using the ‘teaspoon’ format: Thank you; Sorry; Please.

Collective Worship

Monday Whole school Collective Worship (10am)
Tuesday Rev. Sally Jones Collective Worship (9:15am)
Wednesday CrossTeach Collective Worship (9:15am)
Thursday In class Collective Worship (iSing Pop)
Friday Celebration assembly, awards and prayer (2:45pm)


To find out more information about CrossTeach, the organisation who visit us weekly for Collective Worship, please click on the logo below: