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Our Church

St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square.             

We are a Church of England School and enjoy a close relationship with our local parish church of St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square.

St Mary Magdalene's was built in 1852 and the education of children was at the centre of their work, building school rooms and offering a free education to any child from the Regent Park Estate. Today the church continues its support of education and local children through our school.

Mother Sally Jones is our parish priest, and she has been in post at St Mary Magdalene's since 2018. 

The church is currently in the middle of some refurbishments but the church is now open again for visits and for worship. The Christ Church children love the new stars painted on the ceiling.

Mother Sally visits the school weekly to share collective worship, to meet with staff and pupils and to support our vision and values. During these visits she is available for pastoral and spiritual support for all and meets the Headteacher weekly.  She also conducts whole school Eucharist and lessons for those children preparing for confirmation and Baptism.

Mother Sally is very much involved in the whole school community, she attends trips and the church congregation often provide food vouchers for families and extra treats for the children. 

Some of the Christ Church children worship regularly at the church and attend the Sunday School.

You can often see Mother Sally travelling to and fro to the church with her trusty side kick Poppy the dog who is gentle and calm with children and well loved by everyone.

Please do come and visit the church. It is a wonderful, warm and welcoming place.

Other Faiths

At Christ Church we also welcome children of other faiths and ensure that other religions are valued and celebrated. This may occur during RE lessons, or in celebration assemblies or events. This year, for example, we had a whole school Eid assembly where children shared how they had celebrated and this was followed by an Eid feast in the hall after school.