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Pupil Voice

Here at Christ Church we are really interested in what our children have to say (and it’s usually a lot!).

As well as school council questions, we also give out a ‘Pupil Voice Survey’ every half term to gather the thoughts and opinions of the children on a range of topics. We then try to use this information to make the school even better!

Examples of questions that we have asked in pupil voice surveys:

  • How could we improve the playground?
  • What would make the lunch hall better?
  • What are your favourite ways to learn?

In our most recent pupil voice survey, we asked the children ‘Do you feel safe at school?’


  • 96% of children reported that they felt safe in school
  • A member of the SLT spoke to all children who reported that they did not feel safe. We were able to follow up any issues raised, so that all of these children later reported that they felt more safe in school now that the problem had been sorted.