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School Day

Nursery and Reception children arrive and leave at the main school reception entrance.

KS1 children arrive and leave at the blue gate

KS2 children arrive and leave at the fire gate in Little Edward Street


9:00am All children go into their classroom
12:00pm EYFS and KS1 Lunch
12:15pm KS2 Lunch (Y6 at 12:30pm)
1:00pm/1:15pm Afternoon session begins (Y6 at 1:30pm)
3:30pm End of day (YN at 3:20pm)

Please note that nursery and reception children have access to their own outdoor area all day and therefore separate break times are unnecessary.


9:00am Children arrive at main gate
10:15am Break time
10:30am Second session
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Afternoon session begins
2:00pm Break time
2:30pm Children return to class
3:30pm End of the day


8:55am All children must be in the playground
9:00am The bell is rung and all children go to their class for the first session of the day
10:30am Break time
10:45am Second session
12:15pm Lunch
1:15pm Afternoon session begins
3:30pm End of the day


School hours per week = 32.5 hours