Christ Church School, like all church primary schools, is run by a board of local people including representatives of the church, Local Education Authority (LEA), staff and parents.

The principal aim of the Governing Body is to ensure the school provides its children with a safe environment in which to learn and which helps them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Working closely with the Head and Senior Leadership Team, the Governing Body is responsible for:
• Overseeing the direction and development of the school
• Contributing to whole school strategy, using school information and data
• Setting the budget and monitoring expenditure
• Monitoring standards
• The scrutiny and development of policies and procedures

The Governing Body meet twice a term for approximately two hours and some governors sit on one of the various committees that meet more regularly throughout the term. These committees include:

  • Finance and General Purpose
  • Data and Curriculum
  • Community and School

Governors regularly visit the school and they have provided workshops, run after-school clubs and liased with teaching staff about curriculum subjects.

To view our Instrument of Governance, please click here.

The current list of governors and their additional responsibilities is as follows:

Governor Category Additional responsibilities Relevant business interests* Personal relationship with members of school staff Start of term of office End of term of office
Rev Sally Jones Ex-Officio R.E. and Worship None 06/11/18 07/07/22
Rev. Charlotte Bradley LDBS Early Years None 06/07/15 07/07/19
Frances Lees LDBS Finance Committee member None 25/01/17 26/01/21
Anita Thomas Deanery Synod Data and Curriculum Committee Member *Owner of Green Cottage (used by JAM Club) None 04/10/17 05/10/21
Julie Nichols PCC

Safeguarding Governor

Health and Safety Governor

Parents in Partnership

None 23/10/14 24/10/22
Joanne Brewer PCC

Chair of Finance Committee

Parents in Partnership

None 15/10/13 16/10/21
Gill Green LA Chair of Governors None 04/09/14 05/09/20
Carol Walters Parent Chair of Data and Curriculum Committee None 04/10/17 05/10/21
Clare Healy Parent School and community committee member None 04/10/17 05/10/21
Paula Walker Ex-offico Headteacher None N/A N/A
Amy Stroud Staff Data and Curriculum Committee member None 01/07/14 02/07/20
Denise Cooper Invited Observer None
Fatima Syed Co-opted None 01/01/15 02/01/19
Carol Moy Deanery Synod Ex-Vice Chair of Governors None 01/12/14 Resigned- 04/19
Henry Long LDBS Advisor on premises and legal None 30/11/14 01/12/18
Simon Walsh LDBS Ex-Chair of Governors None 31/07/10 01/08/14
Father Martin Poole Ex-offico None N/A N/A
Ekie Wong PCC None 18/11/10 19/11/14
Rev. William Gulliford Ex-offico None N/A N/A
Rev. Ian King Brown Deanery Synod None 25/03/14 26/03/18

*Interests that could present a conflict of interest, including whether a Governor at another school.

For information on governor attendance, click here.

For our Instrument of Government, click here.

If you would like to contact the Governing Body, would like to see a copy of the non-confidential minutes or are interested in becoming a Governor, please do so by email using the school admin account: