Resources and Ideas for Learning at Home

Ten Top Tips:

  1. Set a routine- use a timetable template to plan a routine so that children know what to expect each day.
  2. Get dressed! Don’t do your work in your pyjamas; you need to feel smart to ‘work smart’.
  3. Plan quiet time for reading, writing and maths together (away from screens)
  4. Plan the use of technology for independent learning.
  5. Monitor all other screen time very closely so that children stay safe on the internet.
  6. Plan time for breaks and exercise
  7. Read daily- make notes in your Reading Record and look up the meaning of new words.
  8. Practise maths number facts daily- number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and times tables facts.
  9. Practise your handwriting, older children practise your joins and ‘joining up’ your writing.
  10. Learn a new skill like juggling, origami, cartooning, cooking etc
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