Christ Church is a fully inclusive school. We recently achieved the Camden Award for Inclusion, which recognises our commitment to ensuring all pupils make progress and have access to every area of the curriculum.

‘The highly successful two year Boys’ Writing project provides an example of a comprehensive and imaginatively planned strategy to improve the quality of writing’ (CAI, 2013).

‘A Year 6 pupil told us that, “everyone cares for each other and treats each other like a family so you feel really safe at school” (CAI, 2013).

‘Leadership and management of inclusion are rigorous and well-focussed on improving outcomes’ (CAI, 2013).

You can read the Camden Award for Inclusion report CAI.

Our latest OFSTED report also highlighted the inclusive nature of our school.

‘Skilled and focused support for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs enables them to participate fully in lessons and to make good progress’ (Ofsted, 2012).

‘Pupils speaking English as an additional language develop rapidly by being immersed in a language-rich environment from the moment they enter the Nursery. Once their language skills are secure, their progress accelerates and many are amongst the school’s highest-attaining pupils’ (Ofsted, 2012).

Our school has an SEND policy on our policies page, which is updated annually.

Pupils with a Special Educational Need

At Christ Church we recognise that all pupils have unique talents and qualities. If a child is not making the progress we would expect him or her to make, we will in the first instance notify you, the parent or carer, and discuss how we can support your child. Children may have difficulties with learning, social and emotional difficulties or a physical disability. Sometimes children require a short term intervention to enable them to ‘catch up’ whist other pupils may require long term support and intervention to enable them to achieve their potential.

If your child has a Special Educational Need, you will be consulted about how we are going to support them and they will be added to the SEN register with your consent.

An Individual Education Plan (I.E.P) may be devised by your child’s teacher and the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator. An I.E.P includes targets for your child to work towards, review dates and ideas to help you support your child at home. Your child’s teacher will meet with you to discuss your child’s I.E.P and review your child’s progress regularly.

As a school we work with and seek advice from a range of outside agencies including the educational psychologist, speech therapist, CAMHS therapist, Occupational Therapist and the school nurse. Full consultation with parents will always take place.

Gifted and Talented Pupils

Some children in school may show that they are particularly gifted or talented in a specific area. After consultation with parents and teachers, such children will be put on the Gifted and Talented register and teaching will be adapted for these pupils to enable them to realise their full potential. Enrichment opportunities in school and also in the wider community can be offered to enhance the learning of our gifted and talented pupils.

Access for children and adults with physical disabilities

Most areas of the school are accessible by wheelchairs – access can be gained using the long path through the children’s entrance and into the main school building next to Chestnut (Reception) Class. In addition, we also have handrails next to stairs and hazard markers above any steps for children or adults with visual imapirments.

The school SENDCo is Amy Stroud. She can discuss any concerns you have regarding your child’s SEN and how you can best support your child at home.

Amy is available to meet with parents by appointment at the school office.

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